About Kanjicorp

We specialise in medium to high end household products, kitchen gadgets, melamine tableware and catering ware, brushware, bakeware, multipurpose matting and a comprehensive range of plastic storage solutions.

Our customers include plastic specialist stores, grocery stores and supermarkets, pharmacies and pharmaceutical supplies companies, marketing and promotional goods companies, outdoors and hobby stores as well as hardware and haberdashery specialist stores, and range from owner-managed stores to multi-store national chains.

Due to the dedication of the small team of core staff, as well as our comprehensive combined knowledge and experience in the import
industry, this company has managed to establish solid trade agreements with respected manufacturers internationally.

What More UK

UK’s Largest supplier and leader in plastic houseware. Exported to 74 countries.

Elian Enterprises

The most widely recognised plastic houseware brand in Malaysia.

Ezy Storage

Australian based, market leader in innovative plastic storage solutions.

Baker & Salt

Ergonomically designed, comprehensive range of baking and cooking pans. With a double coated non stick surface which is durable enough to last for up to 10 years. Crafted in the UK.


Pushpan products are 100% leak-proof and watertight that allows for the thinnest of liquids to be baked.


Specialising in the manufacture of 100% pure melamine tableware. Brighton Houseware has now become the largest melamine tableware supplier in the world.


Bergner is the leading supplier of household products in Europe. Specialising in multi-category products specific to the European market.


Cutting edge tool storage and tool transportation solutions. Made in Europe


Our domestic facilities include a centrally located headoffice and showroom, warehousing, container offloading and storage area, loading area, forklift and shrink wrapping facilities on site.


Ksource is our business development project. We assist our customers in realising their true potential by sourcing the products they need, in order to gain that extra edge over their competitors.


We make use of both listed and independent freight operators to transport our goods to all corners of South Africa as well as to beyond our borders.


Locally manufactured BPA-free plastic drinking bottles in a variety of colours and sizes to help you stay hydrated during your work day, school day or sporting activities and outdoor adventures.


Our custom range of plastic storage products that help you keep your kitchen and home organised. The best way to store your meals on a regular basis in handy reusable containers for easy storage.

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